Transferring Outlook email account/emails

I was transferring an Outlook email account to another Outlook email account. Setting up the two accounts in eM Client, I think the new one was not done correctly as ithe account said Local Account rather than the name of the email. I transferred all emails to the new account “Local Account” and then deleted and removed eM Client from that computer. Now as I log into eM Client on another computer, I only see the old email account. Did I lose the emails that were transferred forever as I removed eM Client from the orignial computer? Is there any way to retreve those emails?

Thank you for your help!

Hello Tim,
Local Folders save your data locally in your computer. You probably just imported your messages and haven’t set up the account correctly.
The local data cannot be synchronized to other devices.
If you still have access to the old computer you can try installing eM Client again and see if it pairs up with your old database (unless you specifically removed it).
Then you can either export these local messages (File>Export>Export messages to eml files) or backup your database (File>Backup) and move those files to your new device.
Or synchronize these messages to your server by moving them to an account that is set up using IMAP or Exchange.


I will give that a try - thanks for your input