Transferring EM files

I have a new computer on which I have installed EM. While I now have access to my server based email, where do I put my preexisting local EM email so it can be found on the new computer?

Note: While I have all my files I do not have access to them on the old computer any more.

Hi Alyson,

Its better to read the related blog post.–no-problem-175


Perfect. Why was this so hard to find? I will try the second method. It looks like exactly what I need.

Tried this and it didn’t work. I can see 12 files under the Roaming\eM Client directory. I moved them all to Roaming\eM Client on my new PC and restarted EM. It checked the database and came up fine but I’m not seeing my old local emails or mailbox structure. What am I missing?

I had  a similar problem when the motherboard of my laptop was damaged but I saved the hard disk with em Client and all the emails (some that throughout the years were erased from the server and were saved in my laptop). I tried the second method mentioned in the blog and didn’t work. What I did was that I literally installed manually em Client in my new laptop copying all the needed files from the hard disk I recovered from my old laptop, and it worked. I hope this help someone out there.