Transferred Gmail emails between accounts

I had two google workspace accounts and am in the process of closing one. Part of that process is transferring all of the 72,000+ emails from one account to another.

Google says that the old emails will not show up as new emails in the account the emails are being transferred to, and this seems to be true when I’m in gmail.

However, emclient is treating all of the transferred emails as new and downloading them.

I don’t want to download 72,000+ emails into my emclient database.

How do I get emclient to treat the transferred emails as old email like gmail seems to be doing?

Is this an IMAP account or POP account ?

The account is setup for imap

As it’s an IMAP account I suspect even though they are already read online, because they have just been mixed into your other Gmail account, eM Client doesn’t know about them being there before so thinks they are new emails and as a result will need to be re-downloaded / updated in eM Client.

The only thing is that they should change to automatically read status after they appear in eM Client or whatever status you had in this 75,000 emails online before.