transfered email: presented with wrong sender


When a colleague of mine, using Outlook as mailer, transfers a message (or a meeting invitation), I see the message coming from initial sender, not my colleague: I don’t know who transfered the information.
Similar, the list of recepients for the transfered message is wrong, only the initial one or nothing: I don’t know who else got the information.
On such a message if I reply, it goes not to my colleague but to initial sender. :frowning:

Situation is the same in conversation mode and in list mode (almost when message was received in conversation mode, not tested if in list mode when it arrives).

Is it a normal behavior?

What is the behavior when receiving the message in another email client? Is the sender different?

the sender is the real one, my colleague. Outlook add “on behalf on (initial sender)”.
It is clear to show the real sender, isn’t it?

Yes, that must be a problem. I suggest you open a support ticket with eM Client as this is not something that can be solved on this forum.

I’ve a free licence, can I access to a support service, through tickets?

[Edit: I sent an email to R MARKOSKY]

Sorry R1M, I assumed you were using eM Client for business and so had a Pro License.