Touch keyboard not appearing in mail body

When running in tablet mode the touch key board does not appear when typing in an email body. Subject and address line are fine.

eM client version 7.0.26687.0.

PC: HP Pavilion running windows 10 home.

Hi, just downloaded eM Client on my Windows tablet and I have the same issue… Thought of trying and buying the pro license because it says that it is “touch optimized”… But what kind of optimization is this? Without the software keyboard in the mail body, I cannot even write mails when in tablet mode. As mentioned by Mike & Kathy: the software keyboard shows up just fine in the subject line but it disappears once i touch into the mail body in order to start writing the mail.

Please fix ASAP or I will remove it again from my Windows 10 tablet.

this is unfortunately a known problem with the Chromium core.
We are waiting for a fix from Chrome/Google.
We’re sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.


Dear Olivia,
thanks for the reply. Please post the link to the Chromium issue tracker and I will be happy to star the issue in order to increase its priority to the Chromium team.

found any fix?

This is still an issue and prevents me from buying the client.