Touch Input?

I have a dumb question - what does “touch input” mean?  When I click on it, the space between the emails gets larger.  Couldn’t find that in the help files.  My curiosity just has to be satisfied by knowing what that little button does.

It spaces things out so that using a touch screen is a bit easier. 

OH!  Here I thought it did something magical  I do have a touch screen but not sure how I would use it in email.  I may have to play around a bit more. 

Been using this eM Client for a little over a week and I am so in love with it!!  Love the Task feature.  I do a 20 page newsletter every month for our community and in the past, when people sent me little tidbits of things to add, I had to save them all in a folder.  Now, I just drag it to the task window. When I get ready to work, it’s all there at my fingertips!

It has some little quirks but nothing that I can’t live with.  It never plays a sound when I have new mail (I have it set up to do that)  and it almost immediately un-bolds new mail as soon as I open the program and when new mail comes in and the window is open, it is immediately unmarked.  Again, not complaining because it has so many other super nice features.

The calendar is another awsome tool and it saves me a lot of time. I am pretty much house bound so I order almost everything, no matter how bit or small, via the net. It was a chore keeping track of all that stuff.  Now, when I get a confirmation with a expected delivery date, it goes into my calendar and the description lets me put what it is that’s coming.  At the moment, I have about 9 orders coming in from various places… The calendar helps me to keep track of when things are coming. On top of that, the first thing in the morning, I check the Agenda and that tells me which packages will arrive on that day. 

I’m making good use of all the features.  The best feature of all is, when someone asks a question, they are not ignored. Some kind person always seems to answer them. :)  Thank you for filling me in on the Touch Screen feature.

You would use touch input to navigate the application. The upcoming version 8 also has swipe gestures, so if you are used to that on your phone, you will be able to do the same in eM Client on your touch screen to delete messages etc.