Totally disable notifications during presentation dual screen

I see this question has popped up (pun intented) now and then.  We can disable every type of notification, but not the calendar notifications.  And this is  driving me nuts.  After tweaking the application to what’s it is capable to do (“disable when a fullscreen application is dedected”) ,  I’m coming to a point that this is getting a dealbreaker for me.  

Yesterday I was presenting a PPT using a pointer and dual screen.  I had put my W10 PC in presentation mode, no screen savers, no notifications, etc etc.  

Suddenly I noticed that my pointer did no longer react.  “Sorry audience, I think the batteries of my pointer gave up on me, just give me a second please.”   I interrupted the presentation, went back to the machine and… yes, bingo.  EM client, being it stuborn self and popping up againg and begging for attention.  In the middle of my presentation.  What was it even thinking?   

Couldn’t we have a option to totally disable popup notifications?  If it not possible to disable notifications because of the internals of the calendar, that’s totally fine for me, but just give us the choice to at least not show them in a popup. 

Many thanks. 

Fortunately the Redmond team have already solved this issue for you. It is called the Windows Presentation Mode , and will disable any notifications during your PowerPoint presentation.