Top Message Disappearing


Occasionally when I’m reading the most recent message at the top of the screen, a new message comes in and the message I’m reading disappears. I can’t find it in any of the
folders and a search of everything comes up empty for the message. It’s just totally gone.

Any ideas?

That’s very strange. If you have an eg: IMAP, Exchange or iCloud account, when this happens if you go to your webmail online is the message showing there that dissapeared ?

The e-mail is no longer on the server. In general, it is only on the server while it’s in my inbox. The e-mail was still on my phone, so I was able to send it to myself again.

The e-mail was still on my phone

Was the missing email on your phone in your Inbox ?

Yes, my phone downloaded the e-mail while it was still in the server inbox, before I used EM Client on my PC to read it (and it got lost).

If an e-mail is on the server when I check it on my phone, my phone gets a local copy. The mail stays on the server until I move it from my inbox on my PC. When the e-mail disappeared from EM Client, it also disappeared from the server. The local copy was still on my phone.

The message seems to disappear as part of the process the EM Client uses to scroll the inbox list down when a new e-mail is received. The new e-mail is put at the top of the list and the e-mail I was reading at the top disappears. It only happens when I’m reading the top e-mail when the list scrolls.