Tooltip in Contactslist issue

There seems to be a small problem when trying to scroll the contactlist with the scrollbar. The tooltip appears above the scrollbar and blocks getting focus.This behavior obviously occurs only when a column, which has a tooltip like the “Email” or “Email Display As”, is directly below the scrollbar. It would be better to remove the tooltips from the contact-listview to prevent this behavior.

Hello, can you please give me a screenshot?

Here ya go :wink:

Thank you for your bug report, it is now fixed.

Thanks for resolving it.

This happens to every list, also the inbox, … As soon as a tooltip shows up my synaptics touchpad’s scroll function does not work…
What does “is solved” mean? Which version? I am using eMclient 4, latest update…


thank you for reporting the problem. You can expect the fix in the next major version which should be released in a few weeks.