Toolbar on 7.0.....

Hello, I just installed 7.0.26453.0 on a new computer (I was running 6.0…) and I cannot find any way to show the toolbar. I see the Menu with the popups, but I really like the whole toolbar. Could you please direct me on how to display this. (Menu | Edit | View| Actions | Tools | Help). I’m sure it is something obvious and I’m just not seeing it.


Hi Brian
Do you mean this area?

If it does not show anything then it’s maybe because the items you had in v. 6’s toolbar didn’t migrate to v. 7. or no items have been placed in the toolbar yet. If you right-click on the toolbar you will see Customize… Click on it and you can add and remove the items you need to be shown in the toolbar. Hope this will help you

I think he means the main menu as a menubar. There does not seem to be an option to do that in 7

That would be fine!

I too don’t like this small menu on the left side and would rather see the complete main menu on top of the window again.

unfortunately the developers decided to change the User Interface to a more compact Menu and it cannot be changed.


Olivia, that’s bad, indeed.

And that’s exactly why we are upset with every major release and especially this one. The devs think to know what we want. That’s bad habit of course. You should listen to your community and not what the devs say.

Yes, I know Microsoft does it this way, too, however, you are not that big company compared to MS and, I might be wrong, you should take more care on your customers than MS, right?

Your big advantage should be to listen to your customers and react more flexible than others… just dreaming you know ^^

Hello Mike,
we try our best to implement features and make changes our users need. At this time we focus more on fixing existing issues that surfaced with version 7 release, so implementing feature requests is also currently on hold, unfortunately.

Sometimes the requests made by the community may go against each other and decisions must be made.
Unfortunately it is not in our power to accomodate each and single one (especially since we do not have all the manpower that big companies have :wink: so the development can be slow sometimes, even if we try our best).
I’m sorry that you seem to quite often feel that your specific requests are ignored. But we do listen.