Toolbar issue vs. latest version of eM Client

I have eM Client version 8.0.3385 (83a873c). My toolbar shows: Refresh - Reply - Reply All - Forward - Delete - Move to Junk - Move to Folder - Print - More. The “More” has sub-titles of Archive & Snooze. The problem here is that when I click on Help>Contents, there is no explanation of anything associated with “More”. Help here, please!


“more” = indicates there was not enough room on the bar to display the contents of “more”?

Then please tell me why the words “Archive” & “Snooze” do not appear in the " . If I understand the settings on “Snooze”, I may have solved my problem but would like to confirm!


I have no earthly idea why “snooze” (PRO version only) is not contained in the documentation… but “archive” is in the documentation.

I answered the “more” question… I do not use either of those options. If I wanted to learn something about “snooze” (although it seems pretty straight forward to me once you click the snooze option after a right-click) I would submit a support ticket.

Sorry! I was unaware that “Snooze” was unavailable in the free version! When I first started eM Client, there was an option under “Snooze” to disable (or something like it!), but now the option has disappeared! One more issue - when I first started using eM Client, I did not have to enter my password; now, I have to enter it every time it starts.


I can’t address the “disappearance” other than to say it is not there…

I am not being asked to supply a password when I start eM Client… is this password for the access to your email account? Perhaps the password is incorrect as it exists in the account setting?

is this password for the access to your email account? Yes, the password is the same one I’ve always used & works fine when asked; unfortunately, I have to enter it each time eM Client is initially opened!

Then in my opinion the password in the account setting must be wrong… have you tried changing it?

I’ll try changing it & see what happens! Thanks!

If you’re using an antivirus like AVG/avast/kaspersky it might also be causing authenitication issues in version 8. Try disabling the mail scanners

I tried changing PW & it didn’t work. I use Norton AV only but, I’ll just continue with entering my old PW! Thanks for your suggestions!