toolbar at top

The top toolbar should have WAY more icons and especially have LARGER icons! especially the Delete button

This is one of my and probably of others, too, long time wishes since ages. And was told to the developers many times before.

I guess you are playing with v7 beta, right? Then you already know that nothing has changed…

Hi Derek,
if you are running the version 7 beta, you can add more buttons by right-clicking the top toolbar and Customizing it.


That’s not the only point Derek asked. He wants larger icons or better icons that are customizable  in small, mid-size and large dimensions.

Ok good to add more however they should be larger too

Hi Mike,
I did not address it, because that option is not included.
This is however an active idea thread, so our developers can consider adding that option in the future.


Hi Derek,
that is currently not possible. Have you tried changing your DPI setting of your monitor though?
The UI is not more responsive to this, so it should scale depending on your monitor’s DPI.
Since this as an idea thread though, our developers will consider the change when we look for new improvements.


Sorry Olivia,

why should one change the DPI settings for all Windows applications just to get larger icons in emClient? It should be the other way around: emClient must give us customizable sizes.


Totally agree… instead of telling us what is best perhaps giving us as much as is technically possible and let us decide what is best for our “eyes”… choice, choice, choice… :))

Others including me told the devs about this issue since the first time we were told the new toolbar will be customizable.

Guess it was months before. Now see yourself how they ignored us (once again) as they did with other wishes and enhancements requests before.

I am missing a “Next” and “Previous” Button in the customization of the toolbar. This would be really good to rapidly go through a  Next, Next, Delete, Next - mail reading process.