Tool to Merge Databases

I know I cannot be the only one who uses both a notebook computer and a desktop computer. I am looking for a solution to be able to “sync” the two databases so what I see on one computer is also on the other computer. I am looking for the information to be stored locally instead of relying on IMAP.

Unfortunately local information is just that - local - and eM Client does not sync those items.

Fortunately, IMAP and Exchange were created exactly to solve this problem What they do is sync the information across any client that connects to the same account regardless of which app is being used. So your desktop at home, your phone, your desktop at work, and your laptop when travelling, they all sync their information in real-time via IMAP or Exchange. Start a draft message on your phone while waiting at the station and it will be there in eM Client for you to finish on desktop when you get home.