Too many suggestions to list in the title

I really do like your mail client because it supports S/MIME. But currently, I am running into very disturbing problems.

* Hide IMAP Folders / Unsubscribe *
It’s very disturbing if the Gmail “All Mail” cannot be hidden or unsubscribed. I know I could simply disable IMAP access to the IMAP folder but I need the “All Mail” folder in other mail clients. So please integrate standard IMAP subscribe/unsubscribe. OR if I could at least hide the “unread” counter from the “All Mail” folder. (see smart folders)

* Search *
How exactly do I search for emails? From other mail clients I know that I can simply click on a search button, enter a phrase and it checks live on the IMAP server for mails containing the word or phrase. In eM Client I do not even see a search button. There is a search bar at the top of each opened folder is that the search? If so, how does it work? See this lovely screenshot:… I do have more than 200 mails containing the word “gate”. How do I search for it? At the moment I have to open a web browser and use Gmail search. This is not really a solution.

* Smart Folders *
Smart folders are nice but kinda useless with the current configuration. It shows mails from the “Sent Mails” folder as unread (as well as from the lovely All Mail folder). Would you please fix that or give people the possibility to set up what folders should be watched?

* Invite to eM Client *
Please do *NOT* select all contacts automatically when I click on “invite to eM Client” and then on “Email”. I almost accidentally clicked on send. I would like to invite people. Manually. I want to type their mail address :slight_smile:

* S/MIME *
There is no way to set up a rule like “encrypt all mails to person X or mail address Y”? I always have to manually enable encryption when sending out new mails. When I reply to encrypted mails it’s auto encrypting. It’s not driving me crazy, but it would be a nice to have feature.

* Capitalize first letter of sentences *
Great idea but disturbing because when I write something like “Blabla… and so on” it changes the “and” to “And”. Maybe possible to integrate an exception rule? Only capitalize the first letter if the sentence is really done. After “1x ./!/?” or so.

* Replying to HTML mails *
For this one you will hate me. But I do hate the black line/bar at the left side when replying to HTML mails. Thunderbird had the same. I only want to reply to one or two paragraphs of an email, sometimes I want to merge paragraphs. Merging is insane because the black line on the left side is sometimes gone, sometimes back but not where I want it.

Possible solutions could be:

a) Integrate a “quote” button. E.g. I copy text from the original mail, mark it and hit the quote button and it automatically “quotes” the marked text. But then also the mail reply header ("------ Original Message ------ From…" should be changeable. E.g. “At … you wrote:” or so.


b) instead of the black line… simply a normal “>”. Like in good old “plain text” times. Would be the easiest solution, I think. One could merge sentences, remove sentences, etc. and then simply manually write a “>” before each line.

Thanks for listening :slight_smile:

PS: A portable version of eM Client would be wonderful.

  1. Unsubcribe (IMAP folders) feature is planned.
  2. The search bar is the search. It should work without any problems. Try to use asterisks when searching (search for *gate*) and let me know if it helps.
  3. Smart folders - We will take look on that.
  4. Invite to eM Client - we will consider that.
  5. S/MIME - we will consider this option.
  6. Capitalization - good point, we will try to fix it.
  7. Replying to HTML mails - until we figure out how to make it more user friendly, you can remove the vertical line using the “Remove formatting” button.

Excellent. Thank you very much.

  1. works with the “*”

  2. Where do I find the “remove formatting” button? Seems I am blind but I am searching for it since minutes and cannot find it:

any info?

I think its the ABC button with the line through it.

embarassing… THANK YOU, Alan.

The Smart Folders would be “smarter” if it let me choose which email accounts I wanted (like Blackberry Hub). Some email accounts are not the same importance as others.
Then show only the Inbox.
Filters would handle all the other conditions.

Hi, we have Smart folders called “Search folders” for your needs.

Smart folders are called “smart” because they do not need setup, they are so smart that they do things automatically, but if you need to set some filters then use “Search folders” like I have mentioned before.