too big attachment

I have received at last time couple emails with too large attachments.
Is possible setup the eM Client in order that not grab the attachment & I would have a choice download it or not later on?

Thank you a lot.

Assuming you have IMAP, go to menu/tools/accounts/ and select the IMAP tab.  In the offline section make sure “Include attachments and images” is NOT checked.  This will keep the attachment from downloading until you double-click on it.  I don’t think you have control over this with an Exchange account and not sure about POP3.

Thansk. Yes, its nice but problem is that I would like to download some small attachments (circa up to 2MB) and some bigger I would like to decide later on if I download it or not.
How can I do that?

Hello Peter,

We’re sorry but there unfortunately isn’t an option that would make this possible. What Jay describes is to the closest to your preferred settings as we can offer.


& it is possible do it by Rule?
If not, can you implement this function to your program the eM Client some day?

Thanks a lot to Maurice