Toggle "More" from auto-collapsing?

Maybe I’m just not finding it in the options, but the new “more” tab in the folders list auto collapsing is driving me nuts. I auto-sort a lot of keywords into folders which I rarely get emails about, but are important to visually see that I’ve gotten one of these specific emails. I shouldn’t have to move half my folder structure to favorites just to keep from having to expand “more” every single time I open the client.

You have 3 options for each folder, when you right-click the folder, that you should become intimately familiar with…

Show if unread

I was not able to understand what you were exactly looking for in your post, but hopefully this will resolve your dilemma.

Let us know how you make out or don’t.

Thanks Sunriseal. I was looking for options regarding the “more” tab, and not checking options for individual folders.

In case any devs are reading this:
This option should never have been made the default for non-standard folders. I know users with dozens of additional folders. To make them go through this step and change the option manually for every folder without giving them a tutorial not a design that feels good. I know some users that I support who would assume their folders are deleted and open a ticket with IT about this.

Yes, thank you sunriseal, from me, as well!

I have been just ‘living with it’ since the update, too!

I was planning to look for a different theme to see if might be due to the one I’ve been using for several years, ‘Classic FadingBlueRedLines’, which I really like.

I just now closed eM Client and restarted it to check it out, and…
SUCCESS! :mask: …big smile behind my COVID19 mask!

Thank you!
Stay safe, and be well!

You are all welcome and glad I was able to help!