todays update

After todays update someone stuffed up the new Dark Theme, what happened?

Bonjour, j’ai Effectué also la mise à jour Aujourd’hui. Le thème sombre became très illisible … Dommage!

Hello Sebastians,
after going through the user feedback some changes have been made to the Dark theme.
If you preffered the bright white backgrounds for the headers and so, you can edit the theme file.
The affected tags are MailHeaderBackground, MailHeaderForeground and MessagePanelBackground.


Hi Olivia,where do I fine the theme files etc, 

Hello Sebastian,
seems like my info was slightly incorrect, while these tags have been added to make changes to the theme possible, apparently the default Dark theme itself has not been altered.
Could you please send me a screenshot of what the problem with your dark theme is? It would greatly help us in resolving any issues.


Hello Philippe,
can you please share a screenshot and point out the problematic parts in the dark theme?
Thank you.


This just started today just after I installed the new version,if I click a header it goes white,but all others are blacked out.

Yeah, same problem here! Please fix it!

thank you for the feedback, we are already fixing the issue.


Hi Olivia,just downloaded the new update and everything is Aok,Just great.I notice you don’t get a lot of good coments on this program but it really is a good product,i have been using it for several months now and have really never had a problem with it,keep up the good work.

Thank you, it is fixed. Keep up the good work.

Hello Sebatian,
thank you for the kind words, we appreciate it :slight_smile:
We’ll keep doing our best to improve eM Client.

Best wishes,