To see letters from a file "e-mail mail_data.dat"

Good afternoon. In the “Local folder” is the file “e-mail mail_data.dat”. The file size is 6.7 GB. How do I see mail from this file?

You cannot open the dat file directly, but what is stored in the file you will find in eM Client in Local Folders.

No emails in eM Client in Local Folders.

Anything in Local Folders > Trash?

The mail was copied from the hosting to the computer. After that, mail on the hosting-is given. The copied mail is no longer displayed. There is a print screen.

Sorry, don’t understand what you have written.

eM Client does not have a compact option like you have in Thunderbird, so it is possible that something is leftover from the past and that is taking up the space. But they should reduce in size when you close eM Client. Generally if you are only using IMAP or Exchange, the local folders dat files are very small.

One thing you could try is to close eM Client and run C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\ DbRepair.exe