The IN CLIENT 7 asked me to mark the folder " all emails " in imap … downloaded all, then simply doubled several emails . the tool to clean duplicate emails killed all my email inbox and some folders … IN CLIENT 7 sucks

Where low the previous version …
You managed to screw up what was good …

  1. Go to
  2. Look at top of page and left click on Download (this will load the download page)
  3. Look just below the big green “Free Download” button and you will clearly see: You can also download eM Client 6 or check the release history for other releases.
  4. Click on the option you want ie "client 6’ for the last version or “release history” for any older versions_ . _
  5. Download your version of choice
  6. Install your version of choice
  7. Configure your version of choice
  8. Then post back here thanking the good people from eM Client for making this product freely available and for making it so easy to downgrade to an earlier version.
    I know it is annoying when companies hide information in plain sight, makes it too difficult for people who don’t actually read whats in front of them.

Kind regards