To log on Password required but not accepted

Password entered not accepted. Have tried previously used passwords but no joy.
Keeps prompting for password.
Was working fine till yesterday.
Using free version
How do I overcome this issue?
Can I enter a new password?
Problem not new to forum but cannot find solution. !!!

Provided you have the correct eM Client account settings via “Menu / Accounts”, you may just have the wrong password or your mailbox password at your mailbox end may have changed so keeps prompting you for a password all the time.

First thing, if you have an eg: IMAP type account, suggest to first go online to your mailbox webmail and see if you can login online. If you can login ok via webmail with the same password, then suggest to remove your mail account in eM Client and re-add your acct which then should be fine.

If you cannot login to webmail, there should be a forgot password link via you webmail login. Once your password has been reset via webmail, then re-enter the new password via eM Client accounts.

Note:- If you do remove and re-add your email acct in eM Client, first backup via “Menu / Backup” if you have the Windows version.