tiny palette icons on my new Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro

I have a new Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro with 13" 3200x1800 display. eM Client is displaying palette icons in the new message window too tiny to work with. It is also displaying some incoming email too small.

Screenshots attached.

For comparison I tried the pre-installed trial version of Outlook which seems to display everything correctly.

How do I fix this?

Hello Neil, unfortunately eM client does not currently include High definition display support for HD icons, but we’re working on this for the upcoming release of eM Client 7.

You can currently only use the application in the Touch mode, which I can see you have enabled, touch mode increases the padding on some items to improve the usability on touch and high definition displays where the icons appear to small. Unfortunately no other options for high def support are currently included.

You can also adjust the DPI settings on your computer, to enlarge the view.

Hope this helps,

Same problem here, changed window display setting to 300% scale… helps out in a couple of places, but it’s not perfect.

This isn’t the only app that doesn’t seem to scale well for the HD display on the Yoga 3 Pro.

Hi Tom,
unfortunately, there is no way adjust the current version to work with high DPI.
Other users have thought of some workarounds, for example here - https://getsatisfaction.com/emclient/…
which you can try if eM Client is unusable otherwise.
The need for such workaround will be obsolete when we release version 7, which has a completely new UI which works with high DPI. Thank you for your understanding.