Timezones in Emclient


How do I change Emclient’s timezone settings? I need it to obey our local timezone settings, not the remote mail server’s settings.

For some reason, Emclient doesn’t seem to care where the user is located and only uses the remote server’s timezone.


EM Client uses timezone settings from your Windows. You cannot change this behaviour at the moment. Are you having problems with the calendar or mail?

I have having problems with Mail.
My mail server is located in the EST timezone, and I am located in CST. Emclient will assign nonsense timestamps from the future with no real consideration of Windows’ settings.
The result is, past-dated & future-dated items in my mailboxes.


Hi Darius, just want to clear things up. Mail that being received, time stamp is assigned by the sender at the time he/she sent the mail. EM Client uses data/time zone setting in Windows and by no other means.

There’re a cumulative update for timezone in all version of Windows: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2633952
And a hotfix for that last cumulative update: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2657025

The above fix are the only suggestion I can recommend.

This is an old thread but worth revisiting.

I use calendar a lot, exclusively MS Outlook at the moment. One of the reasons Outlook works for me is that I can assign a timezone to each start and end time. That granularity is great and important when adding events like flights which begin and end in different timezones. If you’re a traveller, getting times and timezones wrong can be hugely expensive. If eM Client can’t do that, as nice as the rest of it is, I can’t use it.

But I’d like to know when that feature’s finally available.

Hi En Emm,

This is implemented in the version 6 beta. When you add a new event there is an option to specify timezones, when you click it you get a timezone selector for both start and end.



Yes, timezones in events are already implemented in 6th version beta.

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