Timezone reference with calendar

I am getting this error:

Following problem occured when processing an iMIP message: The calendar doesn’t contain a timezone referenced from its components.

I need help figuring out what this means, why it happened, and how to fix it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I need to know what version of eM Client are you using and what time zone are you currently in. Thank you.

I am using v5.0.18025.0 in the Mountain Time Zone (US) and I receive this exact same error everytime I receive an update to an appointment made by others. We have Google Apps for Business email an calendar.

Despite receiving the error, the appointment appears to be updated correctly in the eM calendar and agenda list. Can it be safely ignored, or do I need to set a timezone somewhere I am missing?

Same happens to me ;( Buenos Aires timezone.

could you send me the invitation saved as .eml? It would help us a lot. Thank you.
[email protected]

I have the same issue, Pacific time zone.

I can send you the file if you still need it but it will only let me save the invitation as an .ics.

No problem, please send it to us as .ics. Thank you.

Was there a resolution to this issue? I’m having the same problem.


please try to install this new version http://www.emclient.com/dist/v5.0.183…

if it won’t help then please end me problematic invitation as .eml on [email protected] together with link to this topic: https://discourse.emclient.com/emclient/to…


Hi Jan! I just installed the new version you provided the link for. However, nothing has changed. The calendar is not synchronizing correctly and the same error message appears.
In my case, there is not a specific problematic invitation. I have had my google account for years, and yes, I have accepted many invitations over the years, before installing your program.
There is only one invitation pending in the future. Do you think that if I erased that invitation the problem will cease?
Thanks for your efforts and thank you for a great program!


You can try to delete that one invitation in future, but we still could use .eml of it as we can’t progress much further without it. You can always make some testing invitation if you don’t want to share any personal of yours but it has to be made by same steps that leads to faulty one.

If you choose to send it please follow my instructions in previous post.

with regards

Same problem. PST timezone


do you use newest version? Timezone issues should be resolved there.

with regards