Timezone issues sync with some meetings

Some of the meetings I set or get invited to, appear one hour later than they should, while others appear fine!. It happens always when I set a meeting with zoom. I think that the em client does not read the daylight savings flag in the invite correctly, and always applies it’s own settings (some apps correct the timezone per the daylight savings). I reside in Israel, Jerusalem timezone.  All my timezone settings in all my apps are correct.

Actually, I found the reason for this - it is a BUG in em calendar.

I have 2 computers with em client, and on one of them, all worked well, time was displayed right. The difference was that on one computer my Windows 10 region was defines as US (and all worked well there) and in the other, as Israel. In both cases my timezone in windows was defined correctly to Jerusalem. The latter seems to have confused the em client calendar (maybe added daylight savings twice). In short, when my region was set correctly to Israel, the problem appears.