Timezone compatibility with Outlook

Hello,  I’m based in the UK, in regular communication with a colleague in Spain.  I’m using eM Client, he’s using Outlook 2010.  When I send him a meeting invite, the time is not being adjusted for his Spanish timezone.  I’ve sent some test invites to other clients overseas (Gmail) and the conversion seems to work fine.  Any ideas what’s wrong?  I’ve tried various timezone settings at my end, none of which seem to resolve the issue.

Hello, I’m afraid this is more likely a server issue or an Outlook issue. When eM Client creates a new meeting or Task, it only creates an iCalendar file that contains information about the start date/time as well as the timezone the event is set in, based on your or server’s timezone settings. It is up to the recipient’s server to translate the time and timezone settings accordingly to it’s own settings and display it to the recipient.