Installed with good faith, spent two days setting up accounts, settings, column configurations, etc, etc. One day I switch the PC on, double click, and there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. No accounts, no names, just local folders.

At least I was in the trial period - running an office and need approximate 20 licences… Uninstalled and went elsewhere

Where did you go?

Probably the same place I am heading.

I have a love-hate relationship with eM Client. It looks good, and even though it may not have the features I am used to in other email clients, it occasionally works well. But then sometimes it causes unacceptable problems like with google contacts and calendar sync which causes me to wonder why I would spend so much time trying to get it to work. So I will probably move it to the test shelf with other alpha and beta software for review at a later date. 

And there are free alternatives that just work.

my question was what other email managers did you have in mind…

Particularly one(s) that will also smoothly sync calendar/contacts with the iPhone/iCloud.

I love the one click move in eMC from mail to calendar to contacts, but am having so much grief (with v6.xxx even) that it’s become a massive time waster. For now I’m using Yahoo webmail as crude as it is for mail then toggling to eMC’s calendar. Very klutzy for sure.

I finally did get Yahoo calendar synced in both directions with iPhone calendar, but simply can not get it to import exported historic calendar info from eMC. No warnings, no errors, just zero data appears after 4-5 tries.

I have had an awful time trying to find one that works correctly.  I have been from microsoft, thunderbird, mailbird and windows live.  I am hoping eM client will work out.  Have you tried calling the support line for help?

Thunderbird has the functionality I want, but eM Client just looks so nice.  Neither is perfect. Maybe I will have a look at eM Client again after some time, but right now I need some reliability and eM Client really let me down on the google calendar issue. I may have stuck it out, but I don’t see any comments from eM Client team on issues I feel are important.

Support has fallen off a cliff in recent months, I’m guessing from overload. I think for phone support you need the pay version.  I only use free email with just 2 accts and home use.

Does Tbird sync with iPhone/iCloud for calendar and contacts? I used it years ago before iCloud existed.

Not sure about iCloud. I use GMail and a proprietary IMAP server.

yes it syncs very well I never had an issue with it…My Problem with Tbird was it kept forgetting my passwords and would have to look them up all of the time.  My problem with Mail Bird is they have no black list or Junk email file set up.  They say they are working on it but they have been saying that for 2 years.  Support sucks for the both of them…

I have Gmail, Comcast and Microsoft Live emails that work pretty well with eM client so far

OK, thanks for feedback.