time zones emclient on win 10 to google calendar

I am located in Sydney Australia. My PC (win 10) time zone is set correctly with auto daylight savings adjustment. My Google calendar is set to the same time zone. The time zone here at the moment is UTC +11  and that is what Google calendar shows

I create an event to my google calendar in eM client and it posts it to the correct time. However In Google Calendar the time zone on the event is showing as UTC +10 not UTC +11. Should it not post the time zone as UTC +11?

In addition I am not setting a time zone in the event editor in eM client so why is it adding one to Google when it adds the event?

Hi Raymond,
the timezone really shouldn’t act up this way, could you maybe send me a screenshot of your Date and time set up in windows and in gmail? Could you also screenshot the faulty event? I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “adding the timezone to the event”, does it just move the event to the wrong time or does it add a note about its timezone?

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Hi Olivia,

I have removed em client awaiting version 7 so I can’t send screen grabs, Here is what is happening.

I create an event in emclient and do not specify a time zone - meaning the event is in the calendar default time zone. The event gets posted to the calendar. I go to web version of Google Calendar to check the event. Edit the event in web version. It shows a time zone of GMT+10. Maybe emclient is adding a time zone as it sees the event as UTC+10 whereas the google calendar is GMT+11

There may be an issue here with WIn 10 and the way it is reporting time zones compared to Google. In the time applet the time zone is shown as UTC+10 even though daylight savings is in effect and the real time is GMT+11 (Eastern Summer Time). It advises the date that daylight savings will end so windows itself knows that ds is in effect. The clock on the PC shows the correct daylight savings time.

Thinking about this is it a conflict between using UTC+10 (which technically doesn’t change with daylight savings) and Google using GMT+11 as the time zone.

I believe the issue might really be in Windows 10, seeing as it’s probably sending eM Client the timezone information of UTC+10 but not the daylight savings. Thank you for bringing up this issue, we’ll try to look into it.

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I am having this same problem,

On a Mac and my time on the mac is correct as is the google calendar

The little red line on my emClient calendar is an hour behind and the same with some of my meetings are being shown an hour earlier on my calendar