time to dump eM Client - Calendar is totally unreliable

missing calendar entries is getting worse.  events appear and then disappear, some don’t appear at all.  Various Android calendars I’ve used consistently show all events and they show on browser interfaces so this is clearly an eM Client issue.  Their tendency is to point the finger elsewhere on this topic.  
It’s a shame.  I like the eM Client Calendar design but, if it can’t be relied upon, it’s useless.  The software engineering of this product is very questionable.  I hope others aren’t experiencing what I do, but it got in the way of our business.

Who is your calendar provider Rob? I had issues in the past with Google Calendars not syncing, but using a CalDav calendar with another provider did not show the same problems. Saying that, I recently added a few Google Calendars, and I have not experienced issues with them as I did in the past.

There have also been issues with Outlook.com which can be solved by setting up the account as Exchange.

As always, if you are not using the latest version of eM Client, you can download it from the release history where fixes may have been implemented since the version you are using.