Time stamp for saved emails

When saving multiple email messages using ‘Save As’, eM Client adds ‘.eml’ extension twice (for example, ‘message.eml.eml’) and includes a time stamp in the file name at GMT +0000 not the local time zone. Any ideas how to change this behavior?

The latest version does not exhibit this issue: http://www.emclient.com/dist/v7.0.26134/setup.msi

Updating to the latest version has no effect. Same behavior. See screenshot. ‘.eml’ shows up twice and the ‘hour’ in the filename is off. I am in GMT -7.

Not seeing the double .eml ending you mentioned. The file has a single .eml ending. Your list view shows the filetype as a column heading, meaning, of course it is a “dot eml” filetype. The time setting in the column shown is the time you created the exported .eml file. This is how Windows Explorer is supposed to work, so what am I missing about your complaint?

Okay … perhaps this will help you see the problem. I pressed F2 on the first file to rename it (see attached screenshot. You should be able to see the two ‘.eml’ extensions.

Regarding the time stamp: I have pasted below several lines from the email header:

Subject: Summer employment
Thread-Topic: Summer employment
Thread-Index: AdHGaqpFsrd3Ax+TSoy8vLcMsNY+SA==
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2016 11:35:07 -0700

The email was received at 11:35:07 local time. When eM Client saved the email it inserted a GMT +0000 time stamp or ‘18-35-07’. Do you see the problem?

All my exported messages have the same formatting as you have described. Why is this an issue for exported messages that internally contain the proper time stamps? It is a cosmetic file naming issue alone that happens when one uses the Export feature. If you re-import these files they will be imported with the correct timestamps in their content.

That said, when I use the Save As… feature in the latest eMC release, the message is saved without the leading date and time stamps and without the double .eml addition. So you could just select all messages and use the Save As… feature to avoid the issue with the Export feature.

BTW, I regularly export all my email messages into locally created folders named as they are within eMC just in case something goes wrong with eMC or I decide to change my email client and for indexing with a specialized search tools (X1, DTSearch) I use for all my computer files since these search tools will not index the eMC SQLite database formats used to store messages.

A snapshot of a local folder on my computer for eMC contains the following that I would hate to lose should eMC go belly up or its databases become corrupted:

This happens when you select multiple emails and click on ‘Save as’. BTW, are you (IsoQuantic) a developer? Inserting the GMT +0000 time stamp is not a cosmetic issue. At best it’s an oversight and at worst a bug depending on your purpose for saving emails. Like you, I back up all my emails, so it helps to have the correct time in the file name. I’m going to have to write a script to fix the time stamp in the file name. Cheers!

I am not connected with the company. Have been a software developer in the past and understand your issues. I do not know why the eMC Export function does not function as the Save As… function, but it would seem an easy thing to correct. I would prefer no leading time stamps at all given that it makes sorting messages by topic in a file explorer difficult.

I agree … eM Client should provide the option to choose data/time, sender name etc. in the exported (and Saved As) file names.