Thunderbird POP and Xfinity IMAP

I currently have Thunderbird set up with POP access to my email. I also use Postbox IMAP and direct Xfinity login for my mail. Recently, Xfinity lost a great deal of my email, some of which was downloaded to my Thunderbird files, but not all of it. They are also not in my Postbox program.

If I install eM Client and choose to import the emails that TB captured but are not in Postbox or Xfinity, will eM Client capture and combine everything?

OR, should I not do the TB import and just let eM gather what is left on the Xfinity server?

If you have the Xfinity account setup in eM Client, it will display whatever is on the server for that account.

Then if you import the data from Thunderbird, it will be added to eM Client depending on where you chose to save it. If you import it to Local Folders, it will exist only in eM Client and not be synced with a server. If you import it to the Xfinity folders, it will be uploaded to your email provider and be displayed in any app connecting to that account.

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