Thunderbird Import hangs at 'Preparing'

Installed eM Client 4 (Free) to replace Thunderbird on a Win7 (64 bit) laptop. Install goes fine until I get to the Thunderbird import. eM says ‘Better configuration found’ for one of my accounts, then gives me a Thunderbird Import box that says ‘Preparing’. That’s it…I’ve waited for 15 minutes, and nothing else happens. I went into Task Manager to see if the program was still running (it was), and then closed it, rebooted Windows and tried again…with the same (lack of ) results. I have attached a screenshot…any recommendations on what to do?

we have fixed it already. It will be available in the next update.

Hello, George. I have downloaded the next update (v4) onto my Win7 64 bit laptop…and it STILL hangs.

does your problem persist?

i find your client, first opinion : great job, perfect
but when i want to import from thunderbird it hangs and shutdown :frowning: i tried it with the last update and without. so poor … are there any solves now?
or have i change the client another time , dont want to!

i use win7 x64 and thunderbird 14.0

could you please send us your Thunderbird profile so we can analyse it? I can assure you that all your privacy will be preserved. If you want, email me directly at [email protected]

should i pack it in a *.zip? should i send the whole profile folder ?
path: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\hl2fudww.default ??

Yes, send us the whole profile folder packed in .zip. Thank you

the profile zip is about 5GB , should i send this to you? or did you have another chance to fix it?

It would really help us if we can analyze the specific profile. Use e.g. Thank you.

Same issue here. Worked on a Win7 machine but Win8 it just freezes on preparing.

what version of eM Client are you using?