Threads and threaded email support as of emClient v7

I was interested in an email/calendar/tasks alternative to Outlook and explored emClient. Overall it seems useful, but after several emails back and forth with support discussing threads and threaded emails vs. conversation email and giving them screenshots/examples of the differences between threads and conversations, they have confirmed that as of Version 7 emClient still has no threaded email support. Furthermore, I quote from their support:

“we do not plan to implement threaded view in the way you described in the near future.”

I mentioned to them that there are years worth of forum discussions asking about this feature, all of which seem to indicate that the feature was promised “soon” or “in the next version” since v4.

Hopefully this will clarify the status of threaded email possibility for anyone currently looking for it.

For me, this is a deal breaker in terms of moving our employees over the emClient. As a user who receives hundreds of emails per day and must be aware of who has replied to whom, the lack of threaded emails makes an email client unusable.