Threading emails

I’m using eM 5. I don’t see a threaded view. All I see is a checbox in setting for “show messages in groups”. Even with this checked I don’t see anything visual on the email screen to show me where groups begin and end. Also, is “groups” different from “threaded” or “conversations”?

Unfortunately, we did not implement this feature to version 5 because of many other scheduled tasks. You can expect it in the version 6.

Hi @George
Not present in version 6 yet, correct?

I’m also waiting for this. After Google has implemented this feature I just can’t leave without it. I’m not sure I’ll stick with EM Client if a threaded view is not implemented.

I agree

Though I paid for eM Client over a year ago I’m still using Thunderbird because of eM Client’s lack of a conversation/threaded view. This is just pitiful.