Threading & Deleting Improvements

I believe a couple of minor improvements would make a big difference to usability:

  1. When a conversation thread is currently displayed, a reply or a new incoming email which gets added to the thread does not cause the thread display to update. This sometimes causes me to miss incoming emails. It might be annoying however if the display updated while you were reading it. So I suggest the following: replies created for this thread would cause automatic updating of the thread at the point were the message was sent (so the thread would show the just-sent reply). New incoming messages would be shown un-threaded (as separate messages) until they are read, when you move off the message it would then be threaded.

  2. When you use up and down arrows to step through the messages in a categorised list (Today, Yesterday etc.) the selected item steps over the category headings EXCEPT for the first. So if you up arrow through the list, it steps over the Yesterday heading but eventually ends up with the Today heading selected. Since the selection highlight is not very distinct on my system, this often causes me to delete all today’s messages when I only intend to delete a few recently arrived junk items.

  3. When an un-read message is deleted, it should be marked as read so it does not appear as an unread message in the Trash folder and continue to flag that there are unread messages in notifications etc.

  4. A more complex nice-to-have feature with conversation threads would be if it collected all the attachments of all the messages on the thread into a common list (identifying the name, sender, date and time and file size of each) and having export and view features. At the moment it is sometimes difficult to find an attachment in an archived thread.