Thoughts on version 8 tree nav

There are definitely some good improvements in version 8, but i think usability of the tree nav has suffered. The account avatars are nice, but icons for every folder under them makes it quite cluttered and harder to pick out what you want. This is made worse by the indententation of sub-folders being not enough to make the change of level easily noticeable.

Some solid account avatars (with color) to choose from - like a circle or square - might help to distinguish the account name from its folders.

It’s nice that you can now click on the account name and see the inbox, without opening the tree, but the way it works is confusing. Looks like it only shows the inbox when there is unread mail. Really, i think it should always show the inbox contents in exactly the same way as when viewing it by clicking on the folder.

And finally, local folders is bolded now and this matches account names - however, the icon for local folders is not treated like account names, so this heading does not stand out easily as being a heading for the folders below it.


I do concur that the tree view is not indented enough to be useful. Also to0 much icons around. Maybe colours or horizontal lines to divide and distinguish account folders would be a better choice sometimes.


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And please…reduce the size of the email header dividing the main email window from the email content below. It’s close to 1/3 of the overall height of the window.

I agree with tree view, no indent and no divisional lines. Lines would help some in the tree structure.