This just HAS to be the worst email client EVER

I only want about three folders - in, sent and another to be on the safe side. I’ve got over 15.

When I delete an email I do so because I don’t want it; I don’t expect it to be sent to one of two rubbish folders, ‘Deleted Items’ or ‘Trash’ (can someone explain to me why, if I don’t want them should they be segregated?). I don’t want to see them again - EVER; why the need to resave them somewhere else?

I’ve had this program well over a year and I still can’t work out why I have two email accounts, both the same, in my name.

If my lack of cranial activity is as a result of an accident of birth, that’s one thing but as I used to be a lecturer in a technical college I think I can claim to have an IQ level in at least double figures.

Hi, not completely sure what you’re referring to, eM Client is synchronizing your account with your mail server, e.g. if you’ve setup the account with eM Client, the folder list and items were fetched from what’s been available on your server.

Not really sure how your special folders got duplicated, but it may be due to using different email clients on your devices, as some email clients are unable to detect the already existing special folder or use their own for synchronizing default folders with the server.

Hiya Paul

Yes, I’m sure there’s a plausable reason and more than likely has something to do with me, though I don’t know what it is. And I did try the odd email client before I stuck with this one so you could well be right.

Logic tells me that to be as popular as this program is, it has to be efficient as everyone else is concerned; my inability to use it efficiently must be as a result of my history of using it.

Being born stupid does have its drawbacks especially when I’ve slid down the intellectual ladder even further since.

Thanks for your comments and I’m sure you’re right.

You should be able to remove the additional folders and use only the ones that are setup in your account’s settings as default under the IMAP tab. Or you can setup your account as POP3 which would only create the default folders and download new incoming messages to your inbox, however note POP3 accounts do not synchronize the items with the server, e.g. there might not be an existing server backup of your items.

Hope this helps,

Thanks Paul and I do appreciate your concern and comments. I try not to deviate from the default very far, preferably not at all. These extra folders don’t bother me much so long as I know I can ignore them. It’s just when I send or receive a letter I never know where it’s been put. I’ve only just reinstalled the program after a fresh install of Win7 so maybe it’ll all become more obvious over time.

But I really do thank you sincerely for your concern.

All received messages should be in your Inbox, unless you have any client or server side rules setup that would move the messages to additional folders, new email is also indicated by the number if unread items in your folder.

Subfolders however can only display that new content is available on the server, so unless there are some unread messages already, new content available for synchronization should be indicated by ‘…’ next to the folder name and will be synchronized with eM Client after you open the folder.