This is for John

John, I have been trying to get an answer for deleting the Trash folder from you’ll upon exit, which I said did not work for me but did for everyone else. Know I know what all are saying, empty trash folder upon exiting, which is a different meaning for me. I found out by accident that means when you shut down program and restart it. My meaning is when you are though reading your mail and click on upper right X and close the program, it deletes the Trash folder, not exit (shutdown) program. If you wait till you shutdown computer for day you could have hundreds of mail in Trash. Makes more sense to have it delete Trash folder when you close the program.

Look at this one John.

If John is not going to answer this, then anyone at eMClient can.

hi camper913,

You want eM Client NOT to close when you press the [x] button in the top right corner of the eM Client window?

Closing programs when pressing the [x] button in the top right corner is the default behavior of Windows programs…

Note there is an ‘empty trash’ menu option under the ‘actions’ menu. Maybe that can help you?

Maybe eM Client can make a button on the toolbar to empty all ‘trash’ folders?