Third Party Application / Program: Deafault Action Built In

I’m actually running 6.0.22344.0 Em Client. My Operating System is Win 8.1. My question is: Is it possible to use Em Client as default E-Mail Client when running a built In default Action in a thir party program? For example, If I open a file with Adobe Acrobat DC version 2005.007.20033, and subsequently i use buil in command send as E mai attachment, opening “File” menu and selecting sub menu “sending as” and finally send as E mail attachment, the program says me that there are no default program to perform this action and invite me to select it in windows settings. By the way EM cliente is checked as default email client and nonetheless there are no other e mail client installed on board in the machine I’m actually using. I’d like to know how is it possibile to set this function according to the fact that I’m experiencing same problem wiht buil function of a Brother multifunction printer. If other details are needed let me know. Thank You

Hello Frank, I’m afraid this might be an issue with Adobe Acrobat, we’ve come across this issue a couple of times. The application can be used for system like features for example the “Send to Recipient” feature using sMAPI which allows other applications to add data to a new email message straight from other application.

Unfortunately we’re not quite sure what might be causing this issue with Acrobat, but please check if the feature works by for example right clicking an item in your Windows explorer and select Send to > Mail recipient - this should allow you to check if the feature is working on your computer.

Hope this works,

I just tried, but I’ve got the same response by the system. Win 8.1 on my configuration doesn’t recognize Em Client, above mentioned version, as default e mail client. And far as far i’m experiencing it doesn’t recognize it at at all.
Please let me know if there’s something I can do about it. I purchased the software and a life long update license, anyway and I’m happy with your product.
Well Done! And keep improve!

11 June 2015

Ok, I didn’t read all the solutions proposed by You in the other topic. To solve definetively this problem, you have to perform actions as indicated by You in this thread.…
By the way to let the things work, you have to come back to windows option, one click before the association, and make from there the app your default program to handle e mail. Not just selecting the file that is supposed to open but instead giving it the default settings from windows settings. to do this you have to access manually to the settings after you chosen the associated file.
I solved my issue, and my client is now 100% working. Thank You again. Solved.

Hello Frank, happy to hear that you’ve managed to find a solution, please make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions about this application, we’ll be happy to help.