Things that worry me..

One of the reasons I moved away from Outlook 2016 is that all emails + attachments + Contacts + Calendar details are dumped/stored into a single .PST file. If this file gets corrupted, I might lose all information since the last backup. I just installed emClient Alpha 2 and found out that all emails + attachments are also stored in just 6 files (or 9 with the index included). This means, if one of these 6 files gets corrupted, I will have a similar issue as with Outlook. This approach with all email information stored into a large file is not used by Thunderbird as each email folder will have its own folder on disk. IMHO, this has a number of advantages:

  1. In case a file/folder gets corrupted, it’s only that single file/folder that needs to be restored from the most recent backup.
  2. I’m making hourly incremental snapshots of my HDD (using Macrium Reflect) and adding a single e-mail to the Local Folder has a negative impact on the Incremental backup. This negative impact is not occurring when using Thunderbird.

I like this email program, especially for the features that my contacts and calendar are smoothly synchronized with my Gmail account but what about the chances of a mail database corruption? What are the chances that the emClient Database repair utility can resolve any issues?

Further testing showed that the birthday information in the Google contact is not visible in em Client. Is this a bug?

Note that I have installed eM Client Alpha 2.

Just installed the Beta version and now the birthday is properly synched with my Gmail contacts.

the birthday and overall contact sync has been repaired.
As for the database, the risk of data corruption is always there, but for faster functioning we have the database files as they are (and we actually split the database into smaller parts now, compared to the version 6 database structure). That’s why we implemented the Automatic Backup function that you can use or manually backup your database at any time using the Menu>File>Backup… option.


Hello Olivia,

I tried to run a backup (as you suggested) but I get en error screen. I’ve sent an email to support.

The error windows shows this information:
Database directory not found.
  at DbBackup.MainForm.InitOperation()
  at DbBackup.MainForm…ctor(Dictionay '2 args)
  at DbBackup.Program.Main(String[] args)