There is a problem with account

I connected one of 6 accounts, entered my first and last name when connecting. But after sending the letter or upon receiving it, instead of my first and last name, it writes the name of my company. There are no problems with the other accounts, only with one. How to fix?

Thank you!

Have you maybe selected to show names from contacts? If you have, you will need to disable that option, or edit the contact for that address and change the name.

Otherwise the name in messages you receive depends on what the sender used.

The name in messages you send is the name in Menu > Accounts. Except with some servers, like Exchange, that will replace it with the name of the account on the server.

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Thank you, it helped. The Sender contains my First and Last Name. Although if you point it at the sender, it shows the name of my company. This didn’t happen before. I’ll see what happens next.

I am the sender and the recipient.

I really like your email client, it’s the best. If they did it for Linux (Debian), I would be doubly happy.