Then there's UNREAD Email

I am probably missing something basic here…

I have 4 email accounts

I read my emails under FAVORITES → ALL INBOXES

That should be easy enough. All emails, from all accounts with the exception of junk/spam should go to ALL INBOXES.

But then there’s UNREAD

Once in a while, I notice mail in that folder that never made it to my ALL INBOXES. Or, at least, that is what it seems.

Could some email be bypassing ALL INBOXES and going into UNREAD?

Well, All Inboxes is only Inboxes.

If there is an unread message that is not in an Inbox, then it is in another folder.

Select the message in Unread, right-click in its body and choose Properties. You will see what folder it is in.

Thanks, Gary!

I will do that next time it happens…

…but I’m having a problem understanding why it would go into another folder.

It’s new mail. Normally, it would go to any of the 4 email INBOX folders and since I am constantly reading ALL INBOXES, I would imagine it would end up there.