Theming v7, change appearance of unread mails in list

I would like to change the appearance of unread mails in the list, making them stand out more. In the .emtheme-File I could not find a section for that. Is there a way? Also: in v7 I cannot find a “Themes” folder, could I just create one and set it as the Themes-folder without loosing the default themes?

I agree. In version 7 only the subject is shown in bold type for unread messages. In version 6 I believe all fields were shown in bold for unread messages. I like version 6 better in this respect. There doesn’t appear to be a configuration setting for this.

all default themes are saved separately.
The Theme folder in your database the first time you create your own theme.
Changing the location of this folder changes nothing for the default themes.


…how to modify theme? With Notepad+?

Yes, in version 7 it can only be changed in a texteditor with XML values. Even though the file is thoroughly commented it is not so easy to find out what is what because the names for elements are mostly not intuitive. So if one knows HTML / CSS and with a lot of trial and error one can make a few modifications. Some elements cannot be changed even via the XML file though. Like the unread-display aforementioned.

With version 7 I use my theme of version 6. It’s not perfect! I’d like to change the red color around “New”. It seems easy, but is not (for me).

What color would you like to change it to?

Problem is that I don’t know! I have no time these days to make test. My background is light marroon/beige  #e9ddd0

For the “NEW” button I changed the value in four lines:

It is probably not needed in all four lines, but I simply got the hex-value for the button with a dropper and replaced any occurance with the new color :wink:

Thanks. I’ll do later, I’m doing other important things at the moment.

Would also love for ALL THE FIELDS to be bold like they were before. I sort my mail by sender sometimes to see whats new from a specific sender. This is quite annoying. I’m sure EM can bring it back quite quickly and easily???