Theme Will Not Change from Dark to Modern

Hi: I’m probably missing something very simple here but cannot seem to get my dark theme changed to modern. I am going to menu-settings-appearance-themes,
The list of themes comes up. I then highlight modern. I then click apply-save and close, apply only, or save and close only. I still end up in the dark theme. I’m sure it’s something simple but waht am I missing to change from dark to modern? Thanks!

The Modern Theme will switch between Light or Dark themes depending on your Windows OS color mode settings.

If Windows is set to use dark for apps, eM Client will use the Dark theme. If Windows is set to use light for apps, eM Client will use the Light theme.

If you want to set eM Client manually, choose either Light or Dark theme, rather than Modern.

Thanks! Super Easy. I like the dark theme overall for less strain but I’m finding some of the text “disclaimers” at the bottom of some emails is hard to read. I might try to figure out next how to keep the dark mode but slightly lighten the text within the emails.

You could use this:
On those individual emails, you need to remove the dark theme.
When the email is closed, it will return to the dark mode

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I as well had this same thing.
I find this theme by user here:
USER MADE THEME Click this for download.
Bestes Glück

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You can see the full page of user created themes here .