Theme element names - Outlook bar

I am attempting to create a new theme.  
Can anyone tell me the element name for the buttons in the Outlook bar?

In eM Client it is called the Sidebar, not the Outlook bar. :wink:

So, depending on what you want to change, the  section is the place to start.

Now I’m really confused!  I thought the sidebar was THIS (which on my computer is normally minimized at the right):

Yes, there is a left and a right sidebar, just to confuse you more. But the  tag certainly affects the left one.

Well no kidding holy crap!!! LOL  I spent an entire day messing with this dang theme stuff but it never occurred to me that “sidebar” referred to -2- elements!!!   

THANKS Gary!  This really helps me.  

And honestly, the “duh” doesn’t belong to me as much as it belongs to the programmer who made it that way.  It makes no sense whatsoever. This theme stuff really is frustrating as all heck!  I’m having a hard time restraining myself from posting some angry messages about the many shortcomings of EMC regarding themes.  It really is a good program overall.  But it’s hard to overlook this sort of nonsense.

I think it should be called a navigation bar, but that’s just me. :slight_smile:

I agree, that’s the most logical name to use!

The real underlying issue is that the theme functionality is very limited due to the lack of granularity.  They have a single setting that applies to several actual elements, so you cannot make them appear differently.  I do understand the motivation to do this sort of thing, and I have been involved in the development of several customization engines for my apps over the years.  My only hope for EMC going forward is that they take advantage of the resources available by the user community, so that they can resolve some of these shortcomings.  I am encouraging EMC to create a “developer liason” group/forum to allow for assistance to the dev team to avoid such things going forward.  I cannot imagine more than 1 person ever approving this sidebar thing, and comments from you and I may have prevented the mistake.  Just a crazy thought from an old-school keyboard monkey :wink: LOL