Their Sync is not a Sync, but a push to a server and wipe out your local files!

I went to try the Sync2em to sync up with my Android, however, I realized it wasn’t a sync, it was going to delete my local data and push it to the sever (this is not a sync!!), so I backed out of it…however, it did NOT restore the data it pulled and deleted out of my local files. I am VERY disappointed that I have to now try to recreate everything. I would strongly advise anyone that their definition of Sync is not to sync with your PC’s data, just push it to a server and blow it away with no recovery…even though it’s a ‘trial’. I had been very happy with the product up to this point, however not so much now!

sync2em service does not delete any of your data. Click Tools - Settings - General - show Local Folders and you will get your data “back”. Please read the instructions more carefully next time and try to find a solution before you write on the forum. Thanks a lot.

I did look at the local folders and the data was not there. I did have to re-enter all the data, and it made reference to looking at it on the server and to the effect it was no longer in the local files. Synchronization implies a synchronization between the PC and server, and extended to the Android, I still feel that is a misrepresentation of what this process actually is. Plus there was no backout once I realized what was going on. Sorry, I represented very accurately what happened to me, it was not represented well what was going to happen.