The whitelist system for displaying images in 6.0 is a giant step forward. It seems to work great. Thanks


Where is this feature located?

When you receive an email from someone not in your contacts list with embedded images, the images are not shown and there is a message at the top saying “Download pictures or always download pictures from this sender. To preserve privacy, external content was not downloaded.” If you click on “Download pictures” the pictures will appear for this message only. If you click on “always download pictures from this sender” the address will be put in your whitelist and you will always see pictures from this sender. This system is similar to the one in Outlook. In the previous version you could only get pictures to be shown always if you added the sender to your contact list, which filled your contact list with senders that weren’t really contacts. You can see and modify your white list in Tools.Settings.Mail.Privacy.

Thanks very much. I didn’t notice it because I had “show all images” set without much thinking about it. Will now!

Thank you for your support, we are happy for every satisfied customer.