The "what if" question on licensing.

I hate to be a pessimist here, but since I have been burned in the past with less critical software, and my email/calendar/contacts information is a very critical piece of data in my personal and business life, so I have learned to take precautions.

Browsing around the forums I get the impression that em client checks back with your license servers when it is started up. (I haven’t actually packet sniffed it to be certain, so feel free to correct a misconception) Now the software works offline so this is not a must have for past data access it appears. But I’m wondering just how badly and with what timelines does the software shutdown should your license server be unavailable. I’m certain you believe you will remain in business, and I hope you are as the software looks fantastic. But what happens to all my data if the earth opens up and swallows your company? OK it probably will not be that drastic of a departure, but you get the picture.

I fully support paying for software, and hate pirating. However, I need to know that just as I do with Microsoft Outlook that I will have plenty of time to find new email/calendar/contact software should the company behind the software close up shop for any reason. The only reason I am leaving Outlook is I don’t like the direction Microsoft is headed as a business and I don’t think it’ll be to long before I despise their software so starting the hunt now.

I understand your concerns, but I can assure you that even if our company does not exist anymore, you will be still able to access your data and use eM Client.