The repeated event wrong displayed in the calender


I am using special callendar under my GMail to track my work hours. Due to that I have one repeated event for all work days (Mon - Fri). This year earlier I change the count of working hours per day from 8 to 6. Then from that date I updated my repeated event. However, I noticed that in the eM Client is still displayed as 8 hours long instead of 6 hours.

Of course, whole Gmail account is successfully synchronised. I see all new events but this old one isn’t updated. I checked it on my smartphone and in the browser. It is alright everywhere except eM Client. Furthermore I checked available updated for eM Client. Unfortunately, I have the newest version.

I was not able to reproduce this error. I setup a Google Calendar with an event occurring weekdays from 9am to 5pm. This synced correctly with eM Client. I then edited the event in Google Calendar so that the period was shortened to 9am to 3pm after a certain date. This synced correctly with eM Client.

There have been some problems with syncing with Google Calendars, so maybe this falls into that category. One thing you could try is to right-click on the calendar in eM Client and choose Properties > Repair. This will essentially delete the local event cache and re-sync with the Google server. So then the events should reflect exactly what is on the server.

Hope that is useful.