The program was not closed properly

It’s me again. I have a couple of new issues. This morning when I attempted to open EM Client, I got the message that the program was not closed properly and that it needed to check for corrupted files. I have no idea what I did wrong when I closed the program. Typically, I either hit the X in the main window or go to Menu-Exit. I do not recall doing anything differently yesterday.

The program did its checking for over an hour before it loaded properly. Is this normal?

Secondly, I have a 6 email clients set up in EM Client. One of them is a catch-all gmail account that takes a very long time to sync. I use it as an alternative email client that I can access from a browser. Messaged from all of my accounts show up when I open this account either in an email client or using the Gmail app.

Because this account takes so long to sync, I have deselected it as being one of the account that gets included when sending and receiving emails in eM Client. The problem is that even with that box unchecked, this account continues to be checked along with all the other accounts. What am I doing wrong?

Perhaps you shut down your computer before eMC database had successfully closed.

My rule of thumb is to wait ~30 seconds, after exiting eMC, before shutting down the computer.

The program took over an hour to check for database corruption. Is this normal?

Depends on the size of your database

I am having this problem also, several times and day. I close em client and continue to use the computer and reopen sometimes 90 min or more later and I get that I closed em client improperly. This is really annoying.

Same Problem as Chz. Fix??