The program can not be used when downloading a file!!!

Hi guys!

I am sorry but I’ve foud anothe issue on the using this program day-by-day like a pro…
If a client send to me a file bigger them 2Mb, for exemple, and the program takes more then seconds to get it, I have to look for another thing to do in this period of time because the program become unuseful, unable to be “touched” no matter where or how…

Would you please take this to a different aproaching about “downloading” and let the program working at the same time?

Hi Marcelo,
what version of eM Client are you currently using, and what mail service are you using with eM Client?

Thank you,

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your help.

I am using eM Client 6.0.21634.0 at Gmail (both) accounts - Windows 7.

Can you please try to update to this version of eM client and check if the issue persists?
Does the attachment get downloaded eventually if you try to download it again?

Can you please download this utility and run the utility while the application is stuck and not responsive?

Thank you,

Hi Paul,

I am trying to install that (maybe it’ll ask me to uninstall my eM Client - is that secure?)

Are you installing the update? The update should not prompt you for eM Client uninstallation. It will only install additional data.

Thank you,

This is what I get everytime I try to update eM Client.
That says “The resource that yoou’re trying to use can be found on a CR-ROM or another removable media not avaible” - or someting like that.

Then, if I hit “OK”, and search the .msi file you sent me the link, and try to open it, i get this:

Then I hit “CANCEL” and get this:

What version do you have currently installed on your computer, are you running the .21042 version I’ve sent you now?
If so, can you please try to uninstall the application using this installer (the one I’ve sent you if you have that version currently installed)?

Before you do so, make sure to create a backup of your data to be sure we won’t lose any.

After you uninstall the application using the installer, try to install the application again, hopefully the error won’t occur.
Also your data should remain intact even without the backup, but just to make sure, create it.

Hope this helps,

How to back up all my data, please?
Is there a button to do that?
It would be nice if it does…

Yes, just go to File > Backup, and eM client will create a backup file on your computer.

Thank you,

Oh, once more, a good surprize!
This program is always surprizing me…
Thank you, Paul!

Hi again Marco, can you please comment if the above solution was successful in removing the update (cdrom) issue?

Thank you,

I didn’t.
The double “NEW” window stopped.
But I don’t know about the CD-ROM prompt issue…

Hi Paul,

I think that I just find out a doubled “NEW” window TRIGGER !!!
I just started to write a new message, clicked on “NEW”, but when I was starting to write the name of the recipient “Marly”, look what appeared to me like options of my contacts list…

The, I edited the “Marly” contact for the 3rd time then everytime I hit on “NEW” not one, but TWO new message windows pop-up one just right placed over another…

Oh, and, BTW, look at the contacts list and I think you’ll se that there’s something wrong - look how many “Flavio Gmail” names with different emails I have !!!

Some pictures are wrong placed as well in my contact list.
The picture of one contact is at the file of another contact…

Hi Marcelo, are you able to replicate the issue after application restart? E.g. after editing the contact the issue starts reoccurring? I have tried to replicate this, but unfortunately I believe this is not the trigger.

Thank you,

I am trying to find something that I could do to trigger that double NEW window…
…and not figure out yet.

But what about those many “Flavio Gmail” names there?
Could you please tell me what’s that?

Hi Marcelo, sorry for my belated response, are you able to replicate the issue with the autocomplete feature?

Thank you,

Hi Paul,

I think you didn’t get it.
My contatcts are a mess now.

I did nothing to them.
And i don’t have any idea about what made that messy connection between some and gave them the same “I don’t know what” (it seems that the same name)…
So, everytime I star to write a recipient name I can see that “plethora” of the same “I don’t know what” there…

Hi again, I’m sorry for this inconvenience, however I’m not completely sure if I understand.
Can you please check your webmail application if the contacts are still intact on the server (e.g. contain the correct headers etc.)?

Thank you,